My Offer to Home Owners

why I can do better for you compared to other realtors

Same full-service brokerage but for a lower cost.

Brokerage commission in the GTA is commonly 5% of the sale price. 2.5% for listing agent and 2.5% for buyer agent.

Junction Area Sellers pay only 3.50%

Instead of paying the standard 5% to list your Junction area home for sale, use my listing services and pay only 3.50% (1% + 2.5%) using discount code JSJA121*, a savings of 30%. Some conditions apply.

Junction neighbourhood listing offer.

Sellers outside the Junction pay only 4.00%

Rather than paying the standard 5% to list your home for sale, use my listing services and pay only 4.00% (1.5% + 2.5%) using discount code JSLA121*, a savings of 20%, available until the end of this year. Some conditions apply.

Even pay less outside of the Junction.

Sellers also buying pay only 3.00%

Use my services to sell and buy a home and pay only 3% (.5% + 2.5%) to sell your home using discount code JSLA221*, a savings of 40%, available until the end of this year. Pay 3.5% outside of the Junction. Some conditions apply.

Selling and buying? You will save even more!

Flat Rate Agent commission

Sell your home for a flat rate commission. Tell me the flat rate you are looking for and I will give it my consideration. Full-service brokerage only. Some conditions apply.

Looking for a flat rate? Make me an offer.

For Example

On the sale of a 2 million dollar home, a home owner in the Junction paying a 5% commission would pay $100,000 in commissions before HST. Whereas, a home owner in the Junction using my listing services paying 3.5% commission would pay $70,000 before HST. My discounted commission is $30,000 less before HST.

Top reasons home sellers want to work with me:

Comparably Low Commission

Pay 30% less in total commissions while still receiving full-service brokerage services when selling a home in the Junction.

Market Knowledge

Navigate Toronto’s residential real estate market guided by almost 15 years experience with market ups and downs.

Highly Presentable

Sell your home at it’s best with staging advice and professional looking photo’s, virtual tours, floors plans and brochures.


successful track record

Rest assured I know would it takes to ensure a smooth and successful  transaction. Doing things by the book is key. 

My Marketing Plan:

MLS Listing
Public MLS Listing
IDX & VOW Syndication
Website Listing
Brokerage Feature
Brokerage Social Media
Staging Consultation
Key Referrals
Professional Photography

Drone Photography

Virtual Tour
Designer Brochure
Neighbourhood Flyer
Floor Plan
Offer Negotiation
*Not applicable to leases*
**Some conditions apply**

My Selling Story

Working for a select group of clients allows me to concentrate on you. Your needs, budget and timeline are of paramount importance to me and that drives me to neogotiate hard at every turn. Representing sellers in Toronto, you see a lot of different homes, and a lot of the same situtations and outcomes. Guiding my clients through these scenarios is my pleasure.

Sell Your Home for a lower commission